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2016 Reunion
April 19-23rd, 2016
Mobile, AL


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in saving the Charles F. Adams.


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Tribute to the USS Semmes

Years have come and years have gone
During which Semmes sailors departed from our homes,
Serving our country and cruising the globe
Protecting our loved ones from those who would do wrong.

Upon the world's vast oceans filled with dark mysteries
Together we rode the Semmes into the Nation's history;
With salty tears we sailed waves of blue and gray
For Freedom, we worked so hard, both night and day.

The food in the galley was really great!
Though I tossed mine forcefully into the silver churning wake.
We yearned for families left faithfully behind
But a job had to be done, protecting our land, and mankind.

Loneliness and seasickness were so hard to take
But the captain, you see, wouldn't give us a break:
The mighty destroyer kept cruising alone
Protecting our nation, as the days grew long.
At last, we redirected our prow,
Seabags on shoulders, we were so proud.

Mission accomplished, received hugs all around.
Years grow shorter and memories may wane
But Truth, and our service, always will remain --
We're the crew of the Semmes and we love the sea
And we love America - we helped keep her Free.

-- By Sandra Hulsey
-- 2006


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