USS SEMMES  DDG-18 Association

Association Officers

President - Tom Camann
Vice President - Jack Cistriano
Secretary - Ron Beinhaur
Treasurer - Charles Layus
Board#1 -  Thomas Boyce
Board#2 -  Bob Mitchell
Board(web) -  Tom Ringate

Appointed positions

Webmaster - Tom Ringate
Historian - Sam Sharp
Storekeeper - Charles Layus
Reunion Chariman 2016 - TBD
Ship Representatitive -
Jack Cistriano



Association By-laws

The USS Semmes Association was formed to preserve the memories, events, and history of the ship and crews of USS Semmes.
Association membership will support these activities, and preserve this small part of history now and into the future.

The original founder of the Association was Scott Sharp.  He founded the Association prior to the 2002 reunion, and served as the original President of the Association.

The Association plans and holds reunions for all former crews of Semmes, maintains a ship's web site, and produces a News Letter to keep members informed of past and future events of the Association.

Association fees are as follows:

Annual membership - $10.00 (Jan. - Dec.)
Lifetime membership - $100.00

Membership fee's are sent to the Treasurer. For your convenience there are Two ways to join the association.

online form under development print and mail form
Using this option, you can pay using your credit card, or, generate a completed form for you to print out and mail.  It sends an advanced registration copy to the treasurer.  It requires you to have a valid email address This form is a blank registration form you can print, fill out by hand, and mail to the treasurer.

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